Important Things to Know About Construction Defects

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While some construction defects are usually minor with little to no impact on buildings, Guillermo from roofing blogs shared that huge defects could endanger the overall integrity of the structure and the lives of its occupants. Most common construction defects often pertain to the design, materials, and labor. Nevertheless, the following are important aspects of construction defects that you should know. 

The Causes of Construction Defects 

Construction defects can only be properly fixed by addressing the causes. As such, knowing the causes of construction defects should be the first step toward resolving them. The main causes of construction defects include. 

  • Poor site preparation. 
  • Using substandard construction materials 
  • Poor workmanship 
  • Negligence 
  • Improper site selection and planning 

The Common Types of Construction Defects 

Buildings can sustain various forms of construction defects that you should also be conversant with. The most commonly experienced construction defects include. 

  • Problems with the drainage and plumbing 
  • Mold, mildew or dry rot
  • Soil and landscaping issues 
  • Foundation wall, floor, and roofing cracks 
  • Electrical and heating systems 

How to Prove Construction Defects in Court 

Proof of construction defects in court will mainly rely on the testimonies of the builders specializing in the specific construction area where there are issues. The court will then, do its investigations on the defects and issue directives on the right remedial procedures. Based on the circumstances of the case, damages may be awarded to cover the general repair costs and decline in the value of the property. 

Who Should Be Liable for the Construction Defects? 

Generally, many people involved in the construction project can be liable for the defects. But, the responsibility usually rests on the general contractors, property developers and builders regardless of whether the work was done by subcontractors or a different company supplied the building materials. 

Construction defects can be problematic to resolve and, it is always advisable that you engage a professional construction attorney for assistance.