Stages of a Building Process

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Building a house is a process with several steps. However, each construction project is unique. But, some stages are essential for the success of a construction project. Here are the major steps of a building process. 


At this stage, you get ideas together and define what you want to achieve from the project. It’s at this stage that you set your priorities right, time, and budget your construction project. Builders and designers can provide ideas that will help you come up with a realistic plan for your project. The plan for your building project should be formulated with careful consideration of land location, the position of a building site, budget, and the kind of a house you want to build. 

Getting the Building Consent 

Here, you review the budget and plan of your building. After that, you apply for construction permits or consents from the relevant authority. In most places, you just can’t start building a house without the approval of relevant authorities. Therefore, work with your contractor to acquire all the necessary permits to avoid future controversies with the authorities. 

Actual Construction 

Once you have acquired the necessary permits, proceed to the construction stage. This entails acquiring building materials, hiring a contractor, and building your dream house. The contractor should stick to the plan and budget arrived at in the planning stage. If the contractor thinks some changes are necessary, they should seek your consent before making them. That way, you will end up with the house you had in mind when starting your construction project. 


Once your project has been completed, you should inspect the house carefully. Check to ensure that the contractor built the house as per your plan. If you notice problems, ask the contractor to rectify them. Also, make final payments agreed on in the contracts. 

Building a new house can be an easy and simple process if you have the finances and work with the right contractor. Follow these stages to ensure the successful completion of your construction project. 

Signs that You Should Build a New Home

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Building a custom home is a chance to get your ideal home. However, building a new home might not be an ideal route for every contractor. So, how do you tell that it’s time to build a new home? Here are some of the signs to look out for. 

Realistic Expectations 

If you have specific expectations of an ideal home in mind, you should build a new home. It means you’re ready to make choices about the features, style, and fixtures of your home. As such, you should build a home that suits your budget and preferences. Therefore, working with a custom home builder will enable you to have a home that meets your expectations. 

Preference for a New Home

If anytime you think about owning a home you conjure images of a new house in mind, consider building a custom home. Ideally, you should build a new home if you don’t want to move into an old home. Building a brand new home is the best approach if you don’t want to inherit problems, sloppy remodel work or outdated finishes. 

Dislike for Surprises 

Perhaps, you don’t like unpleasant surprises when it comes to owning a home. An old home may have its charm. However, it can have hidden problems that even a home inspector might miss. If you prefer knowing what exactly is in the house, building a new home is the best path for you. 

What You Want

If you know what exactly you want in terms of location, style, size, and neighborhood of your home, you should build a new home. That’s because buying a house that doesn’t meet these requirements can mean living in a home you don’t like.

These signs should tell you to build a new home instead of buying an old one. Nevertheless, you should work with an experienced, professional home builder to get a quality home that suits your desires.  

Signs That You Chose the Wrong Home Builder

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When it comes to building a home, the choice of a builder is very important. The builder that you choose will influence your overall experience throughout the project. They will also influence the quality of the final house. If you think you choose the wrong home builder, it’s important to address the issue right away. But, how do you determine if you choose a bad home builder? Here are signs to look for. 

Poor Management 

A home builder can have masterful skills and experience but have poor management skills. And this can lead to many problems throughout the construction process. So, if the builder is always late, working without or outside the budget, and even ignoring your input, consider firing them. It means the builder has poor management and coordination skills and this can lead to more problems down the road.

Poor Skills 

The builder that you choose can be a solid manager but lack the necessary construction skills. For instance, a builder can be making many mistakes that lead to scratches, cracks, and errors in their work. The quality of their work could be poor. The builder could always be behind schedule. These are some of the things to tell you that the contractor lacks the necessary skills to complete your project on time without compromising quality. 

Poor Professionalism

If the builder doesn’t communicate with you frequently or provide updates on your project, they may be a wrong fit for you. A good contractor should keep you posted on the progress of your project. They should keep in touch with you to ensure that you know what is happening and what they have done. That way, you get a chance to make changes to the initial plan if necessary. 

Many things can go wrong if you work with a wrong home builder. Check for these signs if you suspect that you are working with a wrong home builder.  For more info on home builder tips and topics, check out this site here.

5 Ways Remodeling Referrals can lead to a Great Construction Experience

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Making major home improvements often requires one to work with professionals who can get the job done right. General contractors are construction professionals responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects of your remodeling or construction project, including getting building permits, hiring and supervising subcontractors, procuring materials and supplies, and scheduling inspections. It’s, however, important to note that finding an experienced contractor who’s committed to successfully completing the job to your satisfactions can be a challenging process. 

Asking for recommendations or rather referrals from friends and relatives can help you find the right company for your project. Remember someone wouldn’t refer a general contractor if he or she wasn’t completely satisfied by their work. Here’s how referrals can lead to a great construction experience during your remodeling project. 

Take the Hassle and Stress out of Choosing a Contractor

There are hundreds of construction companies out there in the market which makes the process of sifting through online galleries and websites long and complicate. It can be difficult and even stressful to decide which contractor is best for you. However, a referral from a trusted neighbor, family member, or friend eliminates the hassle and stress that comes with the long search and you’re able to receive quality service in return. 

You’ll be Prepared Ahead of Time

The fact that you’re getting a referral from a friend or family member means you can also find out from them how their experience was during their project. They probably have a great experience and will brief you on what to expect when working with the contractor. As a result, you can plan ahead and prepare accordingly. Of course, a good general contractor will work closely with you to ensure everything runs smoothly. However, understanding how the process is likely going to be will get you prepared on your own as well, making your experience even better. 

You Know the Quality of their Work

As mentioned, a friend or family member will refer to you a contractor they had a great experience working with. It’s always best to get at least three referrals so you can compare. Nevertheless, it’s easier to see what the contractor is capable of, and be confident they’ll successfully complete your project. This gives you peace of mind as you expect a stress-free construction experience. 

You get Familiar with their Service

You won’t just be hearing stories about the quality of service your friend or family member received from a contractor. You can see firsthand for yourself what the contractor is capable of, and whether or not they’re going to meet your needs. It becomes easier for you to fine tune the contractor’s past work to be more fitting to your taste, style, and design. 

The Contractor Knows What you’re looking for

You’ve seen what the contractor is capable of and probably like the work done at your friend’s home. During the pre-construction meeting you can mention to your contractor that you liked your friend’s bathroom and how it was finished. The contractor will then have an idea and know exactly what you like and can fine tune previous projects to your specific needs and liking. 

Referrals are not limited to friends and family members. Online reviews are also a great resource when it comes to finding a contractor for your project.

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